So you've just finished a (scheduled) visit with a lead? Don't stop here: follow up the next steps. 

  1. Go to the Visit section and select the property you would like to register an visit for.  
  2. Select the Contact you would like to have a visit with from the List of leads with whom you had an  interaction (phone, message, mail or previous visits).   
  3. Tap on Register Visit  to follow up on your interaction. 

4. Next you will be able to choose from 3 options:  Schedule Visit, Add Feedback, Change Lead Preferences 

5. Schedule (a new) visit: follow the same steps as you would for a normal visit

6. Add Feedback: add the status of the negotiation process + a lead reaction in the text field

7. Change lead preferences: Change the settings of what the contact is actually looking for in a property. 

Did you know?  If you don't want a next step, just confirm the registered visit and go back to continue your work.

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