When you have created a property, you can publish it to various channels in order to make sure that your listing gets seen. You can chose whether you include the price and/or location in the publishing.

SweepBright can handle multiple channel publications (website, social media, portals).

Follow these steps to Publish your listing from your mobile phone:

1. IMPORTANT: you'll only be able to publish your properties through channels that          are configured (via web application only). Make sure you set up your channels first!

2. Configured? Let's go! Select Publish (bottom middle menu)
3. Select the property you wish to publish

4. Chose whether you want to show the price and/or location (same for all channels)
5. Select your channels (website, social, portals)
6. Publish that listing

Did you know? You can Update your Publication at any time by re-opening the same property!

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