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How do I add my logo to my SweepBright website?
How do I add my logo to my SweepBright website?

Tips & tricks on how to make your logo shine on your own website!

Updated over a week ago

You can add your own logo to give your SweepBright agency website your own branding. Here's how: 

  1. Go to Company&Teams > Company Settings > Scroll down to Logo & Brand > Add Logo

2. Upload your own logo from a file in your directory (see below for considerations!)

3. You can 'preview' the logo on your website by previewing the selected color theme. (In Channels)

Notes for best results:

  • To guarantee an optimal rendering quality, we only accept .png image files.

  • The logo should always be at least 200px * 200px in size. Otherwise the resolution will not be sufficient and your logo might look blurry.  

  • A logo works best when designed horizontally 

  • A logo should not contain baselines 

  • A logo should be filled up to the edges of the image file (avoid white space at top & bottom). 

Did you know? You can simply remove or replace your logo by clicking on the Remove logo button once uploaded.

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