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Properties - Add Images or Video (web)
Properties - Add Images or Video (web)

Manage your image and video collection of a property

Updated over a week ago

It's super easy to add images and videos to a property in SweepBright. In the first part of the article we will discuss images, in the second part videos.


  1. Go to your Properties

  2. Select or add a new property you'd like to add Images too.

  3. Select Images 

4. Add Images via Request via E-Mail or via Upload (.jpg, .png only)
5. Add a Title, make it Private or Delete it

6. You can select the  images you want to move  from Public  to Private (and the other way)


You can add videos to your listings by simply adding a link to the video in SweepBright. You can add a 360° house tours , to make your add even more attractive for potential clients. We are using, this means every URL that is supported by Embedly, is supported by us.
Here you can find a full list of supported URL's:

Some examples of supported URL's: Youtube, Vimeo, Matterport, Nodalview,...

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