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Manage and Use Contact Labels in SweepBright
Manage and Use Contact Labels in SweepBright

Effectively create, manage, and use labels. This guide covers everything from label management by Company Admins to filtering contacts.

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Labels in SweepBright are a powerful way to categorize and filter your contacts, making it easier to manage and engage with both Leads and Owners. This article will guide you through creating, managing, and using labels effectively.

Creating Labels

Only Company Admins can create new labels. Here’s how:

  1. On the Web App, navigate to SweepBright → Company → Labels

  2. Add, Remove, or Rename Labels:

    • Click on “Add Label” to create a new label.

    • Click on an existing label to rename or delete it.

  3. Character Limit and Emojis:

    • Each label can have a maximum of 50 characters.

    • Labels can contain emojis! 😀 Tip: simply copy-paste emojis from websites like

Managing and Using Labels

On the Web App

  1. From the Contacts List:

    • Click the three dots “…” next to a contact.

    • Select Edit Labels to add or remove labels.

  2. From a Contact’s Profile:

    • Open a contact.

    • Click the three dots “…” and select Edit Labels.

On the Mobile App

  1. Open a Contact:

    • Tap the three dots “…” in the contact’s menu.

    • Select Edit Labels to add or remove labels.


Labels can be applied to both Owners and Leads.

Filtering Contacts by Labels

In the Contacts View

  1. Open the Contacts list.

  2. Use the filter option to select one or more labels.

In the Property → Match View

  1. Navigate to the Property view.

  2. Go to the Match section and use the filter option to select labels.

Combining Multiple Labels

You can filter on multiple labels simultaneously, allowing you to combine labels to create a customized system for managing your contacts.

Default Labels

Pre-filled Default Labels:

  • Hot 🔥

  • Cold 🥶

  • Investor 🤑

  • Problematic 🚫

  • Follow up 🔄

  • ⭐️

  • ❤️

Customizing Default Labels:

  • You can delete or rename these default labels.

  • Create entirely new labels to suit your specific needs.

Future Features

Stay tuned for label automations with Zapier, which will allow even more advanced uses for labels in your workflow.

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