When you make some changes to your property data, we do not automatically sync that data with your various channels. This avoids making some incomplete or inaccurate data public.

  1. Go to the Publish section & select the property you want to update/unpublish
    TIP: Properties that have had some changes made are marked in bold with a blue dot. This is to help you identify them quickly. You will also see a status saying "Changes not yet published"

2. Since we are updating a previously published listing you should see the status of each channel as Published.
e.g. we already published this listing to our website and to Facebook.

3. To Update a property:  keep the checkbox of the channel(s) you would like to update ticked (e.g. website). This way all these channels will be overwritten by the new info.

4. To Unpublish a property: untick the channel you would like to remove the property from (e.g. Facebook). Than click on the Publish button (to unpublish). 

If you want, you can add other channels to publish the listing as well. The general behavior for all the channels - except for Social Media - is that the main page will display the current situation of your channels.

Did you know? Social Media postings, due to their nature, cannot be updated or unpublished. This is why, as our example, the checkbox in front of your Social Media channels will always be unticked when you go back to the Publish Channels overview. In our example, Facebook was previously Published, but the main page checkbox for Facebook is unchecked.

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