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Integrations - Integrate with LiveChat (web)

Talk to your website visitors with LiveChat

Updated over a week ago

Communicate with your customer through LiveChat on your website! This is very easy to activate. First create your account on LiveChat. During that process, LiveChat will provide you with an 'embed code' that looks like this:

You don't need to copy this whole code to activate your LiveChat account in SweepBright. The only piece of information we need is your LiveChat App Id which is the number you can see in the middle of that code.

In SweepBright go to Integrations, select the Communication section and hit the LiveChat icon. Then click on the Connect LiveChat button.

Copy that  LiveChat App Id and click and Add.

Note that a change may take up to 5 minutes

You are good to go! Chat functionality has been added to your SweepBright site and you can start chatting with your visitors. Make sure you install your LiveChat back-end on your PC and make sure you answer at a frequent basis. 

You can Disconnect or Edit your connection back in the web app. 

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