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How do I prepare my import files? (web)
How do I prepare my import files? (web)

If you plan to migrate your contacts and properties into SweepBright, use this guide to prepare your import file

Updated over a week ago

Before migrating your data into SweepBright, we advise you to take some time to clean up and format your data. You'll strongly benefit a clean(ed) set of data when using SweepBright (and any integrated tool). Read the article below to get you in the right direction.

IMPORTANT remarks before you start

  • As a starting point use your current contact database or export your contacts base from your current software. Most exports will be formatted as .csv

  • We strongly advice you to keep a copy of the original file somewhere safe. Duplicate the file before you unleash your data cleaning skills.

  • Remember to save the document as a .csv with of maximum 5.000 lines. If you have more contacts, you'll have to split these up in several files and import separately. 

  • All columns should be formatted as General. No Currencies or Numbers needed.

  • A contact can have more than one data field, e.g. location preferences. In that case, just separate them by a comma.

  • Still not tired of cleaning? More general tips on data cleaning of Excel you can find here

  • All available fields and accepted data fields in SweepBright are listed in our template files which you can download below.

Now you can start cleaning those contacts!

  • Minimum Required fields: Make sure you have at least these fields completed when importing. If not, they will be refused. For leads/prospects, we strongly recommend you import the preferences too in order to use our Matching function properly.

  • Some fields only accept certain data values in order to be accepted. The 'Replace all' function is your friend here. Please double check the following: 

  • For leads, use the words BUY or RENT in order to specify their transaction preference. The import Wizard will not understand other words than that for the transaction type. You can apply the 'replace all' function in your spreadsheet program to remove and clean up other wording.

  • For leads, the property type preferences should be one of the following: APARTMENT, HOUSE, PARKING, LAND, COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, OFFICE. The import Wizard will not understand other words than that for the property type preferences. Replace your other criteria and switch by one of the above. 

  • For Country: take the ISO country codes e.g. BE, US, etc. a list is available here

  • If you leads have budget preference ranges, make sure to split those up into 2 separate columns such as one with the minimum budget and one with the maximum budget. Microsoft Excel helps you do that with the 'text to column' function which you can find in the menu under 'Data'.

If you have a price range you want to split up in two (min and max) columns, us the text to columns editor as well. 

  • Budget information should not be formatted as a currency or any other number formats but just as 'general' or 'text'. Remove dots or comma's that might separate the thousands.

  • Fields that are not available in SweepBright can be added to the 'notes' field. However, if you have multiple fields to add to notes, you should first merge all those fields into a single field. 


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