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Subscription: the payment process
Subscription: the payment process

This article runs you through every single step of subscribing to SweepBright

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This article will show you how to subscribe to SweepBright. Both a monthly and annual subscription are possible, however prices will be different for each type (and number of users). All payment options can be found in this article

You decided? Great! Let's go through the steps of the payment process together: 

  1. In your SweepBright account (not registered yet?), go to the main 'SweepBright' menu in the top left corner. You should see a dropdown of options. Select the bottom one, Subscription.

2. Click on the Upgrade Subscription button to continue.

3. Complete the following information: 

  • number of users: select the amount of users 

  • subscription type: monthly or yearly

  • payment method: credit card (and details) or wire transfer (for yearly only)

5. Complete your invoicing details and your VAT number (for EU companies only). 

6. Hit the green Upgrade button when ready. Do note that by clicking the Upgrade button you agree with the underlying SweepBright terms and conditions

That's it! You can now continue using SweepBright. At all times you can check the number of used user slots and upgrade in this section. 

PS: Right after your subscription, you will receive a mail with more info about your setup. Your invoice will be sent periodically in a separate mail.

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