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I've got a question, issue or suggestion!
I've got a question, issue or suggestion!

Find out the fastest way to get a response to your questions

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The SweepBright support team is here to make your life easier. Please contact us for any question, issue or suggestion you might have via the following channels: 

We've got a large selection of articles available for you in our help center. You can access the Help Center directly from your SweepBright app like this:

Go to your web-app. Click your E-mail address in the top right corner. Select Help & Learning from the dropdown menu. 

This will redirect you to our Help & Learning Center

Our Help & Learning Center includes articles with detailed explanation of about every issue accompanied by loads of pictures and videos to guide you through. 

For all issues, questions or suggestions you cannot find an answer in our Help & Learning center, you can start a new conversation via our Support Chat. 

  • Go to your web-app. 

  • Click your E-mail address in the top right corner. 

  • Select Support from the dropdown menu. 

  • A chat screen will appear in the bottom right corner. 

  • Start a new conversation (for every issue) and await your answer
    (generally within 5 minutes, between 9h-18h on weekdays)

You can start a new conversation as well by sending us a mail.

Did you know? You don't have to wait for a reply. Replies are send automatically to you mailbox. You can continue your conversation later or reply via mail. 

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