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Properties - Add Legal Info & Docs (mobile)
Properties - Add Legal Info & Docs (mobile)

Add legal notes or quickly create an an Offer or Property Sheet

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  1. Go to your Properties

  2. Select or add a new property you'd like to add legal info or create a doc for

  3. Select Legal & Docs (bottom center)

4. Select tab Legal and fill in the legal info (EPC, purchase year or regulations & legal       mentions). Optionally add Occupation contract details if rented out. In the case you     publish your property, the legal information will be published as well. You can set a       preset text field to save time. Find out how here.

6. Create your own documents (Offer or Property Sheet)

6. Easily Request a Document via mail ...

7. ... Upload from library
or add via your camera

Did you know? You can configure your document integrations (like Dotloop) on the web app to make it even more practical. 

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