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Company & Teams - Invite or delete company owners (web)
Company & Teams - Invite or delete company owners (web)

Discover how you can add you fellow company owners

Updated over a week ago

You can invite your colleagues as company owners. Company owners have full access to all aspects of your SweepBright account such as company-wide settings and insights. They can also manage teams and navigate between teams.

  1. Go to the SweepBright menu and select Company & Teams

  2. Go to your company in the left bar, which is the first icon on top of the list

  3. Select Company Owners

  4. To invite a new company owner, click on Invite Company Owners

5. Fill in the contact details and click on Invite Company Owner, your contact will be notified by email

6. You can Delete members in this section too

Did you know? Company owners have access to all underlying teams (and there contacts and properties)

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