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Company & Teams - Assigning properties (web)
Company & Teams - Assigning properties (web)

Find out how to assign certain properties to your team members

Updated over a week ago

SweepBright allows you to assign properties to other team members within the same team.

  1. Go to the SweepBright menu and select Company & Teams

  2. Select the Team in which you want to assign properties

  3. Click on Properties

  4. Select which properties you want to assign by clicking on the checkbox before the property

  5. Select the team member you want to assign the property to in the dropdown menu on top of the list.

  6. Click on Assign

  7. The user to whom a property has been assigned to will get an email notification

IMPORTANT: in order to change the assigned team member on your agency website, don't forget to (re)publish the property.

Did you know? You can bulk select and assign multiple properties at once to a team member by selecting the checkboxes and Assign Selected

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