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How can I request a photographer, vendor or architect? (mobile)
How can I request a photographer, vendor or architect? (mobile)

Use our built in feature 'Request by mail' to trigger a mail to your partner(s).

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You can request the services of a one of your partners (like a photographer, vendor or architect,...) directly from SweepBright. Thanks to our built-in feature you can request via mail additional images, plans and/or documents. You can preset your mailing text here to save even more time. Your partner will be informed with an upload link that adds the image, plan or document directly to the property file.

Here's how: (same reasoning for documents or plans)

  1. Select your property, tap on the  tab Images

  2. Select Add Images

  3. Select Request by mail

  4. Fill in the contact details of your photographer (or add via your addressbook), add a (preset) message about your request and then tap on ‘Request Photos’

  5. The photographer will get an email notifying him a new job has been requested with an upload link. He can then upload the images and they will appear directly in your image library of that property.

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