So you've just finished a (scheduled) visit with a contact? Don't stop here: follow up the next steps. SweepBright is here to help you!

  1. Select Visit in the menu bar below
  2. Select the property you would like to visit

3. List of leads with whom you had interaction (phone, message, mail or previous             visits) on this property will be displayed. The greet confirmation dot shows                   whether you've had a visit scheduled and/or registered before.
4. You can also Search for new leads to plan a visit
5. Tap on the Register visit icon or on the name of the contact for more info (and then     Register visit)

6. You will get a confirmation screen Visit Registered + 3 options: 

7. Schedule (a new) visit: follow the same steps as you would for a normal visit

8. Add Feedback: add the status of the negotiation process + a lead reaction in the          text field

9. Change lead preferences: Change the settings of what the contact is actually                 looking for in a property? This will be updated everywhere.

Did you know?  If you don't want a next step, tap Done in the top right corner to just confirm the registered visit. 

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