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Channels - Link your Social Media accounts (web)

Find out how you can link your social media profiles to SweepBright

Updated over a week ago

SweepBright lets you connect with your favorite social media channels in order to increase your audience span when publishing. We've got 2 pre-integrated channels for you: Facebook & Twitter. 

In order to publish your listing on your Facebook or Twitter feed, you first need to connect and configure your account. This is how you can do it for Facebook (similar process for Twitter) :

  1. Go tho the SweepBright menu and select Channels

  2. Select Social on the left and click on Facebook (or Twitter). It should show 'not connected'.

3. First Connect Facebook and follow the steps on the new window to link your                Facebook account. Make sure your are logged in with the account that manages          your corporate Facebook page while requesting access!

4. You can insert a default publish text as well to accompany the property you would like to publish

5. Once Active, you can disconnect via this screen as well. Hit Save.

Did you know? Find out what to consider when publishing on social media here.

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