As an agent, it is important to keep your owners informed of the actions you are taking to sell their property(ies) 💙

The activity report is the best way to do this! It is generated in one click in your app, and your owner can find all the activities, feedbacks and public comments that you fill in 🤩

Here is how to generate your report step by step:

1- Go to the "Contacts" tab then select your owner.

2- In his file, click on "Report".

3- Click on "Mail report" at the top right of your screen.

4- Edit your message to make it more personal, then click on "Send Mail"📤

💡Did you know? Your agency manager can create sample text and email templates for you, which you can then personalize!

And that's it! Your owner will receive an email with the detailed activity report of your actions! Create a trust relationship with your customers 🤝

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