SweepBright allows you to schedule a visit directly from your mobile phone.
You need to add properties and contacts before you can start scheduling a visit.
It's also necessary to connect your calendar to SweepBright, if you haven't done this yet, you can find the article HERE.

In order to schedule a visit:

  1. Select a Property in the Visit section 

2. Now you will see a List of leads with whom you had interactions (phone, message,       mail or previous visits). The green confirmation dot shows whether you've had a           visit scheduled and/or registered before. You can also Search for new leads to plan    a visit

3. Tap on the Schedule visit icon or on the name of the contact for more info (and            then schedule visit)

4. A new screen will be displayed where you can select date & time of the visit you         want to schedule. 

5. Tap on Schedule Visit to confirm. Your visit will be registered as an interaction and        your visitor will be notified by email with all the visit’s details.

Did you know?  The visit will automatically appear in your calendar! These visits are also synced to your lead's calendar for easy changes or cancellations. You will be able to reschedule (or cancel) these visits and the lead will automatically get a calendar email notification with the updated time and date. 

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