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It's Cécile again!

On the menu this month, a brand new feature and a super interview with Emmanuel Louf, founder of Mijn Habitat!

🚀 Brand new feature,🚀

You can now assign a Contact to a Negotiator

From a Contact, go to Contact Details, then Settings and find the Negotiator setting. If you're a company or team admin, you can change this setting for any contact. If you're not an admin, but the contact is already assigned to you, you can also change this setting.

If you want to see a list of all Contacts assigned to you, it's a two taps away with the handy Ownership filter from the Contacts list.

If you want to enjoy this new feature at it fullest, please make sure to update your app!

📣 The interview of the month 📣

(Re)discover the amazing interview of Emmanuel Louf, founder of Mijn Habitat!

💬 Let's build the Bright News together ?

Finally, i would like us to build this newsletter together. And for that, i just need 2 minutes of your time !

That's all folks! See you next month for some other Bright news ✨

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