You can use a Zapier Action to find or create contacts in SweepBright. In order to do this, choose the Find or Create Contact Action Event in the latest SweepBright for Zapier app:

We find contacts by e-mail address. You have to define in which Team you want to search, and if you are looking for a Lead or a Vendor.

If you want, you can simply stop here and the step will return the contact ID that you can use in further steps. However, you can also create a new contact if it doesn't exist yet. This is useful if you want to avoid adding duplicate contacts to SweepBright.

In order to do so, find the following checkbox, and check it:

Once this is checked, more fields will appear and you can create a contact on the fly if it doesn't exist yet. At the moment, this one-step Find or Create Action Event only works for Vendors.

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