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Update to latest Zapier app
Update to latest Zapier app
Updated over a week ago

Customers who were Beta testers of our new Zapier app will have to update the Zaps they made with the Beta app to the Latest Zapier app. Lucky for us, Zapier makes this pretty easy. You can log in to your Zapier account and replace the SweepBright app by the latest version. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Zap

Take note of the Trigger event. In this case Property Created or Updated. We will need it later.

2. Click Edit

3. Click Choose app & event

You will recognise the Beta app by the gray icon.

4. Click Change next to the SweepBright app

5. Type "SweepBright" in the search window

6. Click the version that is marked LATEST

7. Click Choose an event

8. Select the Trigger you wrote down in Step 1.

9. Click Continue

10. Select your account from the Choose an account... dropdown menu

11. Click Continue

12. Test the trigger

13. You're all done! 🙌

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