Date: 20/01/2020

A new version of the SweepBright app has been launched on Zapier (version 1.0.2). This means more powerful Zaps and faster updates to Zaps in the future! 

For the record - the terminology used:

  • SweepBright 1.0.1 - current legacy SweepBright app on Zapier

  • SweepBright 1.0.2 - new SweepBright app on Zapier

Important considerations: 

  • SweepBright 1.0.2 will work in parallel to SweepBright 1.0.1. This means all current zaps linked to SweepBright 1.0.1 will continue working as before. (backward compatible)

  • We will maintain SweepBright 1.0.1 (and underlying zaps) for at least 6 months. However, new updates will only occur on the new SweepBright 1.0.2. Some recent updates include the 'external lead source/type' , 'split between projects/properties', 'property & contact id's' on all triggers.  

  • Zaps linked to SweepBright 1.0.1 will NOT be transferred automatically to SweepBright 1.0.2. For each SweepBright trigger/action/search step you'll have to disconnect and reconnect the new SweepBright version. We know, quite some work for some of you... We checked with Zapier, but nothing to do about this.
    Silver lining is that all underlying fields can remain the same and will be 'recognized'. 

  • At the moment these are invite-only until we reach the required validation from Zapier. Please send a mail to [email protected] if you want to receive an invitation.

Please feel free to reach out to us via chat or [email protected] in case you have any questions.

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