So you've signed up? Great! If not, click here. From now on, this service starts working for all users of your account. This works on both Web App as iOS app.

  • First of all, when you want to activate the service for a specific property, make sure you add the buyer or tenant to the property. Make sure your contact contains a e-mailadres and, in case you have multiple buyer or tenant, that the principal one is on top of the list.

Note: to not overload MoveBotler, we're limiting his services to the property type 'House' and 'Apartment' and the contact languages 'Dutch' or 'French'.

  • Next, at the moment you switch a Property Status to Sold or Rented (and Save), the underlying buyer or tenant of that property will be sent a first invitation mail. 

  • The first invitation mail will be fully branded by your agency and will look like this (dutch or french depending on the language of the buyer/tenant).

This is an example of the personalized invitation link they get when they click the green 'Subscribe' button

  • As soon as your contact has subscribed they'll get a series mails with useful tips, tricks and unique offers. Great news for all, isn't it? 

Here's an indication of the timeline: 

... and some example mails to give you some feeling

  • We keep the good news for last: we've incorporated a number of partners in Telecom, Insurance, Utilities,... that provide your contact with great offers. Every time one of your contacts ask for an offer, a commission for your agency is earned. Now, we've got your full attention, right?! More details can be found in the general conditions when you subscribe for this service (see here).

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