MoveBotler is a service that provides new buyers and tenants personalized tips and offers before and during their period of moving. This free service is provided to all SweepBright customers. We've incorporated partners in Telecom, Insurance & Utilities that pay out a commission for every lead that requests an offer. 

Think about what this means for your agency: 

  • Extend your agency service without effort. I will automatically connect with your buyer or tenant after a deal. I will send them practical information every step of their moving journey. This information is tailored to your customers specific transaction and highly valuable.

  • Your brand reaches further. My messages will be sent with your agencies branding. The buyers of today are the sellers of tomorrow, right? Now you can help your clients with moving into their new homes!

  • Generate additional revenue. I will point your buyers and tenants to products and services specifically related to their new home. SweepBright partnered with leading service providers in various industries (like insurance, utilities, etc). And you can earn additional revenue without breaking a sweat!

The goods news is: you don't have to do anything for it at all - and it's all GDPR compliant! The whole flow is fully automated and kicks-off when one of your agents switches the status to Sold or Rented. Easy money, right?

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