SweepBright's smart search bar can be found in all 5 main sections (from Properties to Contacts) to quickly find relevant contacts or properties. The search field and filter/sorting option can help you to search anything faster and wider. 

The search bar field (text)
= can be used to search on 'key words' in every single underlying text field (title, descriptions, legal mentions, notes,...)

The filters/sorting button
= use this function to specifically filter out your options based on 1 or more filter criteria and/or sort the properties or contacts in a specific order

There are several ways to use this smart search bar:


Find properties or contacts quickly by using text keywords that are in the address or any other field like e.g. Title, Description, legal mentions, notes...

TIP: use the search bar to really target your Match searches based on some key words you put in the notes like seaview, golf, 


Apply the filter to further narrow down the search results. You can filter on the following criteria: 

  • Ownership (your assigned properties vs. all)
  • Sale status
  • To Let / For Sale
  • Price (min + max)
  • Projects vs. single properties
  • Property type 
  • Archived properties

Don't forget to hit the blue Filter button at the bottom. 


Apply the sorting to change the order of the search results. You can sort on the following criteria, every time both in ascending and descending order.

  • Last edit
  • Last publication
  • First publication
  • Price
  • City

Again, don't forget to hit the blue Filter button at the bottom. 

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