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How can I publish or communicate in different languages in SweepBright? (web)
How can I publish or communicate in different languages in SweepBright? (web)

You can publish your properties or communicate to your leads in different languages

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This article is particularly interesting for those agencies that are active in a multi-language region (e.g. Brussels/BE). SweepBright allows you to publish textfields  to various channels and communicate with leads and vendors in up to 3 languages (NL/FR/ENG). This way, you can completely customize the communication language depending on your contact's language preferences.

The selection of multiple languages has an impact on various areas of SweepBright. Please follow each section step by step below to get the full picture and implications.

Step 1: Company & Teams - Add multiple languages & select the default language 

  • In the Company & Teams section, go to Company Settings

  • Decide which languages you want to add (on company level).
    We advise you to only select those languages that are spoken by your contacts.

  • Within the selected languages, choose your default language. This is the language that will be selected for all existing contacts and by default for all contacts you add.

Note: by default, only the languages you have selected for your agency website will be checked

Step 2: Contacts - Change language settings individually

On top of the default language, you can select the preferred contact language for every single contact on an individual basis. To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Select the specific contact (you want to change the default language from) and go to the Settings section. 

  • You can select/change the preferred contact language here. This way all communication (structure of emails for visits, matching mails, vendor reports etc) will be in that language. 

Note: You will only see the language options that you selected earlier in the company settings

Step 3:  Company & Team Settings - Change e-mail templates default text fields

When you selected multiple languages, you will need to add a default text for both Matching mails, Schedule visit and the Vendor report in all selected languages.

  • Via Company & Team settings > E-mail templates you can find a list of all mailings

  • Complete the default Match, Schedule visit and Vendor report mails in all selected languages

Note: do note that e.g. for matching mails these templates will be pre-filled but can be changed on the spot in the matching section, see example

Step 4: Company & Team Settings - Adapt the default descriptions 

When you selected multiple languages, you can adjust your property's text fields in different languages. SweepBright gives you the option to fill in a Title, Description and Legal Mentions in multiple languages. This way, if the different publish channel allow it, you can publish your property in various languages.

  • In Company & Teams > Team you can find a list of all Property Templates  

  • Change the property templates for the main property types (house, apartment,...) for each selected language. 

By completing these default descriptions and legals mention fields, you can save up a lot of time taking in a new property. 

Step 5: Properties - Change text fields individually

On top of the default property templates, you can adapt all text fields for every language on an individual basis. To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Select the specific property and go to the Description, Title, Taxes & Costs, and/or the Legal mentions section. 

  • Add, complete or adapt the text field for every language. 

Note: The other 'general' non-text fields are being auto translated on both the agency website as on the supporting multi-language channels

Note (bis): for existing properties all text fields will be duplicated along newly added languages (so ENG to NL, FR). Make sure you adapt them and publish again to make changes live. 

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