SweepBright allows you to register and follow-up interactions you had with your leads. This way, you (and your team members) can always keep track of the history of a specific property or contact... and keep your vendor up to date with a vendor report.

Most interactions will be registered automatically when performing an action in SweepBright. Here is a list of actions that result in the registration of an interaction: 

  • A call or text message (iOS only)

  • A (matching) mail

  • A visit scheduled or registered

  • Feedback added

However, sometimes an interaction is not triggered automatically (e.g. when you have an incoming call). Follow these steps below, to find out how to add this interactions manually (to provide your vendors a complete overview):

  1. First you will need to select a lead for whom you would like to add an interaction and click on Interactions 

2. Next, select the property which is linked to the interaction and click on Register Interaction in the top right corner. Now you can select the type of interaction you want to register. You can choose between 4 different interactions : E-mail, Call, Message, or Visit 

If you didn't find the property in the list you can click on Register Interaction to search for a specific property.

3. After you registered an interaction you will get the chance to...

  • Schedule a Visit

  • Add Feedback

  • Change Lead Preferences (we want your database to stay up-to-date, right?)

Did you know: You can also register interactions on your iPhone (iOS)

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