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Find the perfect Match for a Contact (Web)
Find the perfect Match for a Contact (Web)

How can you match a list of properties to a contact?

Updated over a week ago

You know it now, in SweepBright, a contact has preferences, which are set in its "preferences" tab. Depending on these, you can send him properties that match with what he wants.

There are two ways to do this:

  • The first is to do it from a contact (we will see it now),

  • The second is to do it from a specific property 👉 to see here.

Here is how to do it from the wanted contact:

  1. In your contact list, choose the one that interests you.

  2. Click on the "Match" icon, and select the preference you want.

  3. Finally, make the match based on what works best for you:

    1. If it is a specific property, click on the corresponding envelope

    2. If it is the entire list, click on the top right to send an email containing all the proposals.

Note: Don't worry, if you already did the step 3.a. and you choose to do the step 3.b., it will not send the property a second time. 👌

And that's it! The contact will receive your email and will be able to consult your suggestions. Pretty cool, isn't it?

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