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Add your scheduling link to your listings
Add your scheduling link to your listings

Embed a link in your SweepBright website and listings to let your visitors book viewings or visits.

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Imagine... You are in your car, coming back from a prospection. Someone calls you to schedule a meeting on a listing that you recently launched on your website. "Can you send me an email with some possibilities? If not, I can call you back this evening?" 

You recognize the situation?... Not really a great first customer experience, right?SweepBright can help you solve this problem. A direct integration with your scheduling link allows customer to schedule a visit directly into your agenda(s) - based on your personal availabilities. On the specific listing on your website, customers will have the possibility to directly 'Schedule a visit' without you intervening. The meeting slot will be booked automatically in his/her and your agenda.

Continue to setup your own Google calendar, calendly or integration, by following one of these two articles step-by-step:

Please ask our support chat in case you need help setting this up into your account. 

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