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Add a location to your booking (web)
Add a location to your booking (web)

How to add the location of a property to a booking

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SweepBright allows you to integrate directly into your website. Check these steps to add a location to your booking

  1. Log in to your account. 

2. You can create a new booking profile or click edit settings in an existing booking profile

3. The next thing to do add the address as a required question/field in the booking form. To do this, select Booking Form in the left side menu and click Add question

To prefill this address with 'address'-information from SweepBright, fill the form in with the following info:  

  • Type: Short answer. 

  • Shorthand code: ADDRESS

  • Label: Address

  • Text after the question: [leave empty]

Note: Do not tick the checkbox as this is a required field 

Click ‘all changes saved’ when you're done.

4. If you go back to Booking Form questions you can already preview how your registration form will look like. Double check if the address field is added here.

5. Next up, make sure the address is added to the calendar invite that you and the lead will receive when booking. To do this, click on ‘Notifications & Workflow’ in the left side menu: 

  • Click in the left side menu on ‘Calendar events’ 

  • Under Event location, click `Add location to calendar event`

  • In the field put: {ADDRESS}

When you're done, click ‘all changes saved’

6. That's it. Now you will be able to see the  Address field, pulled fr in the calendar event. 

Depending on your calendar it will look something like this. 

Note: If you're experiencing problems with the link you may try to republish that listing.  

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