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Add your link to your listings
Add your link to your listings

Embed your link in your SweepBright website and listings, and let your visitors book viewings or visits.

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SweepBright allows you to integrate this directly into your website. How cool is that?!
Let's walk through the different steps when using

  1. Go to and Sign Up for an account

2. Get started on YouCanBook by following this article (5 steps to setup your account)
Objective 1: sync your agenda
Objective 2: create your own event (with unique

Got your unique Calendly link? e.g.

Great! You're ready to go to step 3.

Note: you can decide whether you want a general link for your agenda (with general preferences) or a unique link for each separate property. Both are possible to integrate into SweepBright. However, do notice that the FREE account of allows only 1 event plan. Upgrade your account if you want more events or functionalities. 

Note: make sure the event you are using is set on 'online'.

3. How to enter this info into SweepBright? Let's start by the 'general' link (as default).
Go to the SweepBright main menu and select My Profile. Enter the link in the open field. Do notice that every user can add his/her own personal link (linked to his/her agenda)!

4. Optional : If you want a separate link per property (for example because you only want to allow visits for that property in a certain timeframe) you can add it here:
SweepBright main menu > Properties > Select Property > Settings > Team Settings

Note: whenever you enter a 'property-specific' link, it will automatically overwrite the general (My Profile) one on your website. 

5. Entered the link(s) into SweepBright? This is how you (and your customers) will see the result on your website (after (re)publishing):

... and how they can book a visit on a desired timing in your agenda

Your leads will be redirected to the booking screens

6. So what happens after someone booked a meeting in your agenda? 

a) You'll get a New Lead notification via mail. The lead is saved in SweepBright and thirdly, a new interaction 'Visit scheduled via website' is added to that property.

b) Both you and the lead will get a confirmation mail from

c) the meeting will be booked immediately in both your and your customer's agenda(s)

Depending on the Calendar application you are using, it will look something like this: 

7. Optional:
Add the address field, pulled from SweepBright, to the calendar invite.
Follow the step in this article to enable this.

8. Optional
: From this point on this works like a 'normal' appointment:

  • You want to rebook it? Drag it to another slot. All invitees will be notified.

  • You want to invite people? Add them to the invite list

For more info on calendar setup, check out these articles: basics - advanced

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