After your data is imported, website configured and channels connected, you're ready to fully start using SweepBright. It's time to start using the tool now 🙌🏻

Product Discovery Webinar

This webinar will give you a clear overview of the main value points and features of SweepBright. Our VP of Customer Success Michiel Van Hove will talk about the reasons why SweepBright is different than the existing tools on the market and as well walk you through the product to get you started. Invite all of your colleagues to join you 👍

In this webinar we will show you:

  • Unlocking Value : what are the main added value blocks of SweepBright (45 min)
  • SweepBright's functionalities (45 min)
  • Mobile intake of a property
  • Managing your leads/vendors
  • Send out matching mails
  • Scheduling a visits
  • Publishing a property

Plus, a chance to get answers to any burning questions you may have about SweepBright.

Want to make it more personal? Schedule a meeting with one of our customer success agents here

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