In order to get your data (contacts and properties) exported and imported in your new SweepBright account we offer you a number of possibilities. These are the 3 options we've provided for you:

  1. I have no or limited data to transfer 

  2. I want to use data migration assistance (Professional Services)

  3. I can do the data transfer myself with the right tools 

Scroll through the article to find the relevant information for your chosen option.🙌🏻________________________________________________________________

OPTION 1: I have no or limited data to transfer 

This first option is relevant for you if you're (in the midst) of starting a new agency (no transfer needed) or if you have a limited amount of data to transfer. That's great news! Saves us both some time to spend on creating more business. If you have some data to add manually, I'm sure these articles will show you in the right direction: 

OPTION 2: I want to use data migration assistance

In order to get you started with your existing contacts and properties, we offer data-migration assistance as part of our Professional Services. This is the deal we have in mind for you: 

Just send an email to [email protected] with the name of your current software provider and any special requirements you may have. And we we will take it from there! 

Some important conditions/notes, more info on page 41-43 of this booklet:

  • Data migration is a paying service

  • The information we can import is only textual. We cannot import documents or images. You'll have to add these yourself afterwards. 

  • We only import active properties and active contacts. No historical transactions or interactions are imported.

  • Once we received the data files, it takes about 72h for us to import the data in your account. 

OPTION 3: I can do the data transfer myself with the right tools

You consider yourself to be quite data minded? Tech-savvy enough to import your data yourself? Cool, I think you'll have a great future ahead of you at SweepBright. We will provide you with the right tool set to get you started. 

Step 1: Export your data from your existing software (BE only)
Follow this walkthrough to find out how to get your data OUT of your existing software. 

Step 2: Data Cleaning & Matching
So you've got your export ready? Chances are you might need to do some 'cleaning' first. You know, to get your data in the right order and without the duplicates. 

Step 3: Import that 'clean' files in SweepBright via our upload modules
You are ready for step 3 if you have 3 separate excel files in excel according to our guidelines in the articles of step 2: leads, vendors, properties.

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