SweepBright on your iPad

Find out the possibilities to use SweepBright on your iPad as an alternative to an iPhone

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SweepBright can be used on multiple devices. Regarding your iPad, there are two options for you to use SweepBright: 

option 1: iOS App

First thing you will need to do is to go to the App Store on your iPad and search the SweepBright App. Don't forget to switch the filter to 'iPhone only'. 

Now you can download the SweepBright iOS App on your iPad

The SweepBright icon will appear on your homescreen. You can enlarge the resolution by clicking on the enlarge button in the bottom right corner.

Login with SweepBright and you're good to go. 

Option 2: web app via your browser

Another possibility is to add a quick link of the webversion on your homescreen. For this you will need  to open your Safari browser and go to app.sweepbright.com.

Make sure you're logged into the app. 

If you want to have a quick link icon on your homescreen, add a bookmark via your safari browser. Click on the right hand corner and choose the 'Add to Home Screen' button. Don't forget to hit Add.

Now you're all set to use SweepBright on your iPad

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