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How can I connect BombBomb to SweepBright?
How can I connect BombBomb to SweepBright?

Find out how to integrate BombBomb with a few easy steps

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Short explanation of the objective of this walkthrough: 


Trigger Zapier to add every new SweepBright leads to a list in This way you can keep your videomail - subscriber list updated in BombBomb.

Now let's get started

First you will need to go to the Integrations section and select 'Direct Marketing' from the menu, click on ''. 

You will see two different template Zaps we prepared for you:

You can choose to add other Zaps between SweepBright and within Zapier. Find out how to create custom zaps here

For this example we choose to add new leads to a contact list in 'BombBomb' (to send out a video e-mail). 

When you click on 'Use this Zap', you will be redirected to your Zapier account. You'll see a preformatted zap template to start from. 

Click on Create this Zap and walk through the steps. First make sure you trigger a zap when a New lead is created in SweepBright. 

Make sure you're connected to Zapier with your SweepBright account: 

Continue to setup the action of the Zap. 

Next step is to connect your BombBomb account. You need an AP key for this. 

You can find your API key in the integrations menu in your BombBomb account. You will see it in the top right corner. 

Copy-paste the API key in the field to connect your BombBomb account.

Last step of setting up the zap. Choose a name for your new list and the email you want to add for the test. If your test was successful you just need to hit Finish.

Don't forget to turn your zap on! You're all set. Everytime a new lead is added to your SweepBright account, it will be added to the BombBomb account as well via this zap.

Now you're ready to start sending out videos to your clients!

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