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How can I register a call in SweepBright (mobile)
How can I register a call in SweepBright (mobile)

Walkthrough on how to register calls within Sweepbright

Updated over a week ago

SweepBright allows you to register your calls directly into the app. This way you can keep your vendor up to date about the number of calls performed. 

Find out how you can register a call from within the SweepBright app. There are 3 different ways to register a call to someone with SweepBright. 

Whether you want to register outgoing or incoming calls, follow one of the options below to register a call in the interaction history of a specific property. 

It will look like this:

Outgoing calls

Option 1: via Match section

  1. Click on Match in the bar on the bottom of the screen and select the related Property you want to call about. 

2. A list of leads with matching preferences will appear. Select the contact you want to call and click on the Phone icon.

Note: the green confirmation dot next to the phone icon shows that you have called this lead before.  

Option 2: via Properties 

1. Click on Properties button in the bar on the bottom and select the right Property 

2. Once you've selected the property, click the Contacts button on the bottom

3. Select the contact you want to call by clicking on the phone icon.

Incoming call

Option 3: Manually register an interaction (incl. call)

1. Select the Contact you had an interaction with.

2. Click on Intercations

3. Click Register Interaction

4.Choose Call as type, click on Select Property and choose the property you want 

5. Click Register Interaction. You can add the lead source of the lead. 

6. Once confirmed, you can decide upon a follow up action:

  • Schedule a visit

  • Add Feedback

  • Change Lead preferences

Don't forget to click Done to complete the registration of the call. 

Do note that your phone calls made outside of SweepBright are not going to get registered by the app.

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