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Properties - Create default Documents (web)
Properties - Create default Documents (web)

Find out what options SweepBright gives you to create your documents.

Updated over a week ago

SweepBright provides you with ready to use documents. You can get a complete Offer, exclusive agreement and/or property sheet with just a few clicks.  (BE users only - for now) Users from other countries can use our custom document integration with Webmerge.

Documents that are created will be send to your e-mail. From that point you can forward it, print it and/or save it for later. 

This is how you can trigger a set of documents: 

  • One-time set-up: To use the default SweepBright documents, go to Integration > Document Management > SweepBright and Select Yes,  don't forget to hit Save. 

  • How can you create a document? Next, select a Property > Legal&Docs > Documents > Add Documents > Create Documents and select the document you need. 

  • For now, you'll have three options to choose from: Offer, Exclusive Agreement, Property Sheet and Property Folder. More options are added later. 

  • Select the document you need and check the fields. Click on Create Documents to trigger a mail. That's it!

Check out  this video if you're still stuck: 

Here you can see an example of a property sheet!

Test it out to see the other examples yourself !

Did you know? you can also customize your documents yourself by using Webmerge and linking it via Zapier. You can find more information here.

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