So you just published a property but you can't see it ? Here are some possible solutions for this problem. If you can't find a solution, just ask our support.
You can easily keep track of your publishing status of each of your properties.

First you will need to check if your property has been published. Then you will need to check if certain channels have some publishing problems or missing some mandatory fields. 

First Step 

  • Properties that have never been published or that have had some changes made are marked in bold with a blue dot. This is to help you identify them quickly. 
  • Under the address, you can see the status of the publication. If it's not currently published on any of your channels, then it's status will say Not published. 
  • If you made some changes to the property recently, but didn't update that to your channels, you will see a status saying Changes not yet published. Note: changes are not automatically published to your channels unless you manually update your publication. This is to avoid publishing changes that would not yet be final or not ready for publication yet.
  • When you published your listing successfully, the status will reflect this in the general list as Published just now

Second Step

First you will need to check the status of the property. This notification will tell you for each channel what the publishing status is. Go to the Publish section. Select the property. In the middle panel you'll see the active channels and their respective status. 

 Here's an overview of the different statuses you could see in the publish section: 


= This is the success message you want to see. The property is correctly published on this channel. Do note that the actual url-link of the property on that channel can be found here. 

Some other points to consider:

  • Timing                                                                                                                                Some portals take up to 24h to publish your property on their channel. 
  • Refresh browser                                                                                                                Sometimes all you need to do is to refresh your browser. 
  • Delete cache                                                                                                                     An other way is to delete your cache. You can learn how to do that here 

Not Published

= this status means the property is not published on the channel


Select the channel you want your property to be published too and hit Publish/Update to push the info (again) to the channel. 

Changes not yet published

= certain changes were made after a previous publication.  This status works as a reminder for you that you'll still have to publish again. 


Select the channel you want your property to be published too and hit Publish/Update to push the new changes to the channel. 

Missing mandatory fields

=  the property is missing some information that is required/obligated to publish on that channel


You will need to complete some fields to publish your property to the selected channel. You can do it by clicking on the channel in the middle panel and click on the edit field of the missing item. This wil redirect you to the page of the property. After completing the information, go back to the publish section and Update/Publish again. 


= pending status to indicate that the property is being published or being unpublished. 

If this takes longer than 24h, please try again to republish

If the above didn't help you, just ask our support and we will take a look at it!

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