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How can I put a text/banner on a picture? (web)
How can I put a text/banner on a picture? (web)

Add text layovers, your logo or additional info on pictures

Updated over a week ago

When using a web app, we advice you to edit your image via an online FREE image editing tool like Canva or Photoscape. Obviously if you have a favorite editing program (Paint, Powerpoint,...) you can use these as well. 

Here's a walkthrough video of Photoscape.

Since we're a big fan of Canva (and it's FREE to use), you can find a walkthrough here: 

  1. Create an account on Canva here. You'll be redirected to this a beginning screen that will look like the one below: 

2. Start with clicking on Create a design. 

3. Choose the appropriate design for you (these are all templates that you can start from) or you can start from your custom dimensions.

4. Enter the right dimensions: for a main picture we advice you take 1920px x 1080px. Click on design to continue creating your blank canvas. 

5. Start by Uploading the picture you want to edit. Canva saves your picture automatically. 

6. Now you can start editing. We leave the actual design up to you.

 7. After downloading this image you can add it to SweepBright 

We suggest you choose jpg or png if you want to upload it as an image

Did you know? You can edit your pictures on your mobile app as well with SweepBright. For more information click here.

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