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How can I put leads from portals into SweepBright?
How can I put leads from portals into SweepBright?
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In order to extract the leads coming in via mail from your favorite portals you can install a Zap with a free mailparser. This way all contact info from leads are pushed from your mailbox into SweepBright. 

In short, you can create a parallel mailbox to apply the mail parser on and make an automatic forward on this mailbox for all your mails from the different portals.
The parser "extracts" the info you want and sends it to SweepBright

To set this one up, you will need all of these 3 building blocks

(*) we'll be making a multi-step Zap so a Free Zapier account will not be sufficient

Short explanation of the objective of this walkthrough: 


Trigger Zapier to send a mail to your offline media partner as soon as you've updated a property status AND you've added a specific note to the property, e.g. "Print".

1. Open your Zapier account and Make A ZAP

2. Select Email Parser as a Trigger. This is a free tool included in your Zapier account.
In case you experience issues with accuracy of the parsing, use a paid tool like 

3. Create your own account first by clicking on the link
Login with your Zapier account details.

4. Read the steps showing up ons the screen and Create your own Mailbox

4) Create a new mailparsing mailbox. You can name how you want it. e.g. [email protected] (this mail address will only be used for parsing, not for direct communication)

5) Setup an auto-forward in your mailbox for mails coming from that specific portal.
e.g. a rule that determines an incoming mail from [email protected] + title 'new lead'
make sure ALL incoming leadmails are forwarded to the mailparsing address you created in step 4. 

6) Do a test. Create a lead in the portal so the portal sends you an email This should trigger the autoforward in step 5 if configured correctly. Go back to Zapier.

7) You see that new lead mail info? Great, we'll take this one as example. If not, try refreshing or go back some steps to test what is not working. The forwarded mail should open by itself. We suggest to select Body Source "Always use plain text body content". It will look like this:

8) In the template you can select and add fields you want to send to SweepBright. 

9) Repeat this step for the Name, first name, email and telephone number. In notes you can add e.g. the rest of the mail with info.

10) Save the template by clicking on Save Address and Template

11) Once you've set up your 'virtual' mailbox, you can continue configurating the zap.
Select the mailbox you created before.

12) Add SweepBright as Action with Create Lead and start matching the fields in SweepBright with the 'parsed' info from the mail. 

Optionally: use the SweepBright Search property function to link the lead to a specific property. Do note this will only work if the address info is available and parsed from the portal mail. 

13) Complete the zap by Activating the zap. 

Every mail you forward to your personal parsing mailbox from Zapier will now be
'parsed' and will add the information of the new lead to SweepBright. You can repeat this process for every portal (create a new parsing mailbox) you want. 

What's the end result? If you forward a 'standard' mail from a configured portal, a new lead is created in SweepBright (just like someone fills in the webform on your website). This means, two things will happen: 

  • A 'new lead' mail is sent to the company owner who manages 'unassigned lead'

  • The 'new lead' is added in the list of 'unassigned' leads on the company level(If 'Search property' is added: lead will be added to the assigned property)

TIP: Did you know you can (auto)forward mail depending on the sender/title/...? Check the forwarding settings of your mailaccount in this article.

IMPORTANT: when you want to install an auto-forward. Make sure you first setup the auto-forwarding and afterwards install the parsing template. A forwarded mail will have an impact on the structure of the mail and thus the underlying parsing. In order to allow the parsing to work with the autoforwarding, make sure you adapt the parsing template to an auto-forwarded e-mail.

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