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How can I send a property to an offline media (print) channel ?
How can I send a property to an offline media (print) channel ?

Use Zapier and your favorite mailprogram to send the property info to an offline media channel (newspapers, magazines etc).

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Print will never be dead. Despite the fact that we strongly believe in a digitalization of today's world, today's marketing plan should be a multi-channel one. But how?

To set this one up, you will need all of these 3 building blocks

(*) we'll be making a multi-step Zap so a Free Zapier account will not be sufficient

Short explanation of the objective of this walkthrough: 


Trigger Zapier to send a mail to your offline media partner as soon as you've updated a property status AND you've added a specific note to the property, e.g. "Print".

  1. Start in SweepBright. Open a property you would like to publish to an offline media channel. You should do two things to 'trigger' this: 

  • Add the trigger word(s) in Internal Notes (in tab Features), e.g. "Print"

  • Change the property status, e.g. from Prospect to Available

2. Open you Zapier account and click on Make a Zap! 

Give the new Zap a name, e.g. 'Offline media'.

2.  Add SweepBright as a trigger IF a Property Status Changed. This is how you do it: 

3. Add a Filter with Only continue if... the text contains 'Print' in the Internal Notes of a property. Check it out: 

4. Next, we want Zapier to Send an Email with Gmail or any other mail program (**). You can adjust the mailsettings (subject line, content, put people in cc,...) yourself in this step. Follow these steps:

This is how the testmail of the Zap will look like. Can you recognize all the information we've just added to the template? You can add all info you think is necessary.

5. Finally, switch the ZAP ON. Next time you switch a status of a property with 'Print' in internal notes, Zapier will trigger a mail from your Gmail!


(**) If you don't work with Gmail, Zapier has got two other options in store for you:
Instead of Gmail, use of the following other mail options: 

  • Email : Send Email from
    (however you can change the sender, reply address etc)

  • SMTP: Send Email via SMTP mailing: connect your own mailing via host
    complete the info below

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