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Step 5: Download iOS application (1 min)
Step 5: Download iOS application (1 min)

Let the fun begin on your iPhone!

Updated over a week ago

Great news! You've configured most of the things. You're ready to go outside and use our mobile application (iOS).

  1. If you want to start on your iPhone (which we strongly advice you to do), first download the mobile app in the AppStore

2. After you've downloaded the app from the Appstore, find the SweepBright icon on your iPhone and open the application. 

3. When you click on the app the login screen will pop-up.
Enter your login e-mail address. After you've entered your e-mail address, a screen will open to fill in a code. You'll receive the code by mail.

4. Check your mailbox and open the mail 'Log In to SweepBright'. 

2 options: 

  • Click on the Log In button (redirects to the app and logs you in)

  • Use the code and copy-paste this into the 'code' field

5. You're ready to start using SweepBright on your iPhone now! Check out these help articles (section Mobile application) if you're stuck.

Note: Once you're logged in, you will remain logged in for 15 days. At all times you can log out and login by requesting a new login code. After this period, your account will be disabled. Please subscribe if you want to keep using SweepBright.

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