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Step 3: Match contacts & properties (3 min)
Step 3: Match contacts & properties (3 min)

Create a lead in the system and define its preferences

Updated over a week ago

Imagine you've received a phone call from al lead who's interested in the sample apartment you've put for sale. Follow the next steps:

  1. Click on Add Contact (top right corner of the screen).

2. Select whether you want to add a Vendor or Lead to your contacts. Quickly fill in all the basic info. Don't forget to press Add. In this case (example), we would suggest to take your personal contact info. 

3. Your contact will appear under the Contacts section. Continue adding  information in Contact info like a picture and address. Click on Save

4. What is the lead looking for? Add his/her preferences as well. Click on the Preferences tab and complete the info (min/max Price, Min. Rooms, Location preferences, Property Type). Click on Save.

5. In the tab Interactions, you can  Register and Find an overview of  all interactions. All calls, messages, mail, visits etc. will be recorded here. Hit Save whenever you're ready exploring. 

6. In the tab Notes, you can add an optional note for yourself. Don't worry, these will never be published. 

7. Ever in need of archiving the contact? You can do this in the tab Settings. Click the checkbox and the button Archive Lead.

8. You can start Matching straight from this section by clicking the tab Matches. Next, select the property or properties you would like to match to the lead and click Mail X properties. A mail with more info will be sent!

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