When you have created a property, you can publish it to various channels in order to make sure that your listing gets seen.

IMPORTANT: SweepBright can handle multiple channel publications like your own website, property portals and social media channels. First configure at least one channel if you would like to start publishing! 

  1. In order to publish a listing, go to Publish and select the property you want to publish.

2. In the middle pane you will find all the channels that are available to you. In the right pane, you can Select the channels to which you want to publish the listing (both website, social channels as portals)

Note: if one of the channels is missing mandatory fields, that channel won't be available under the Select Channels title. In the example above you can see that the channel Domain Group is missing mandatory feeds and is therefor not available in the main pane.

3. You can click on any channel on the middle pane to review or select options for that particular channel.  e.g. you can adapt the text of your Facebook posting or review the missing mandatory fields.

4. Ready? Return to the overview screen by clicking on the Publish Channels item in the middle pane. You can than hit the Publish button and your listing will be sent to the various channels you selected.

5. Double Check! Do you see a success message and what is the publication status? Of course you can check on the channels itself as well!

Did you know? Some channels can display a Publishing status during 24 hours....
In need of Unpublishing? This is how you do it. 

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