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Step 2: Add your first property (3 min)
Step 2: Add your first property (3 min)

Find yourself a great property and walk through these steps

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The journey begins with adding your first property. Let's start with an Apartment we're going to sell together. You can follow this video for mobile or follow each step in this article for your desktop version. 

On your computer, just follow the steps below to Add an Apartment For sale: 

  1. On the top right side of your screen you can find the button 'Add property'. Click the button. 

2. A screen will pop up. First select that the property is For Sale. Choose the Property type 'Apartment' (example). Click on Add to confirm your choice.

3. A new Property is now created. You can always find it back via the SweepBright main menu > Properties > select the property in the list. Let's run through the Information tabs together now. 

4. Start with the Location of the property. Complete the address info. The map will adapt automatically. Click on Save every time you edit and switch between menus.

5. Let's continue with Structure. You can select the subtype of the property, number of rooms, amenities, areas and general condition of the property. Click Save when you're ready.

6. Next click on Price to add the information fields about the Price and additional costs and/or taxes. 

7. You can add a Title and Description in the tab Description. These text fields will be shown on the channels when you decide to publish them. 

8. In the Images tab you can add images (or video) easily by uploading or requesting by mail (e.g. to real estate photographer). More info here.

9. Same reasoning for Plans. Add a plan via upload or request by mail. You can find more info here

10. Features: add some info about the following topics: H/C system, energy source, security, Eco, building, renovation or some internal notes. Detailed info here

11. Almost done. You can add some Legal information or add Documents that can be published alongside your property. 

12. Last step: In Settings you can define the Status, add a mandate, vendor and tenant information. Finally, if needed, you can archive the property. 

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