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Tips for your Browser

A couple of tips to save time and work more efficiently

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We've got a series of tips and tricks to work smarter in your browser in here. Read through and be amazed.

Match your browser to your E-mail and Calendar program

Not all calendar and mail programs are that compatible. We strongly advice you to select a browser, mail program and calendar program which are from the same software developer. You'll see, things will run a lot smoother from now. 

This means: 

Did you know? Some browsers like Chrome even sync visited/open pages on multiple devices? This means if you open a page on your desktop, you can continue checking on your smartphone. Check here.

Set bookmarks to save time and stay secure

Pages that are visited frequently in your browser deserve a bookmark. With a single click of a button you can access your favorite pages. We suggest to add the following pages to your bookmark/favorites section:

This is how you can set up bookmarks for any of your favorite browsers.

Google Translate extension

At this moment, SweepBright is available in English and in French. If you'd like to use SweepBright in another language, you can use the Google Translate plugin in Chrome:

  1. Open/download Google Chrome 

  2. Find the Google Translate extension here, download it 'Add to Chrome' & add extension

  3. The extension should be visible on the right side of you location bar

  4. When you click on the extension, select 'Translate page' and you will see you page (e.g. SweepBright app) translated in your selected language

Please do note that some translations might be a little off. You know, even Google is not flawless. You're good to go now!

Check this article for more details. 

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