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Import your properties into SweepBright (15 min)
Import your properties into SweepBright (15 min)

Migrate your properties into SweepBright

Updated over a week ago

You can import your properties from your previous real estate software or any other source via our import properties module

Before proceding, please make sure you have checked off the following:

  1. You have exported your existing contacts and properties (walkthrough)

  2. You have done some cleaning and preparation (article)

You've got a clean properties file ready? (.csv)

Importing your properties into SweepBright can be speedy with the help of our Import Properties module which you can find under your Team settings. 

On the left hand pane, select the team into which you want to import your contacts  and choose Import Properties

Next step is easy, click on Upload Properties. Make sure you know where you've saved your cleaned property data file before this. Select the file you want to upload.

When your  property data file is properly set-up, you will be able to map your fields with the SweepBright ones so that the properties are correctly imported. Our Import module will show you the first row, the middle row and the last row of your file so that you can easily map your fields with ours. 

For example, select the Postcode/ZIP from the SweepBright Column. Map it to the Header field of the data file. Repeat this process for every Column you want to import. 

Check the header of your data file to find an easy match with the available SweepBright columns.

Do note some fields are required. This means you should import these ones. The fields are indicated with a (Required) mentioning after the field names:

All other fields are optional. Importing them or not depends on how detailed you want to import the properties. 

When you finished mapping your fields, you can hit the Import Properties at the bottom right of the screen. 

Great job! This is the screen you want to see!

Click on Check them out now to go to the newly imported properties. 

After the import via our module you can update every property individually. You can add textual info manually, add images and documents. 

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