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Import or migrate your contacts into SweepBright (15 min)
Import or migrate your contacts into SweepBright (15 min)

Migrate your leads & vendors into SweepBright

Updated over a week ago

You can import contacts from other software such as your CRM system, a spreadsheet, or your address book. Please upload your Leads and Vendors separately. 

Before proceding, please make sure you have checked off the following:

  1. You have exported your existing contacts and properties (walkthrough)

  2. You have done some cleaning and preparation (article)

You've got a cleaned contact file (split up between leads and vendors) ready? (.csv)

Importing your contacts into SweepBright can be speedy with the help of our Import Wizard which you can find under your team settings. 

On the left hand pane, select the team into which you want to import your contacts  and choose 'Import Contacts'.

You can choose to either import Leads or Vendors from a file which you retrieved from your legacy system.

When your import file is properly set-up, you will be able to map your fields with the SweepBright ones so that the contacts are correctly imported. Our Wizard will show you the first row, the middle row and the last row of your file so that you can easily map your fields with ours. 

In this screenshot for example, our file contains leads with a fields for their budget preferences. One such field is named 'min. budget' which stands for the minimal budget they have in mind. We will map this with "Min Price/Rent" in SweepBright by selecting this label in the drop down list.

Here's another example in which our lead file contains the transaction preference (buying or renting). We will map this as follows.

When you finished mapping your fields, you can hit the 'Import Leads' (or Vendors) at the bottom right of the screen. 

Note: should you decide to make some changes to your file after your first import, no worries, you can still override the data that you imported with your the updated information in your file. Just tick the 'override existing contacts' at the bottom left of the screen to do that and reimport your file.

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