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Which SweepBright Triggers & Actions are supported on Zapier?
Which SweepBright Triggers & Actions are supported on Zapier?

A list of the SweepBright triggers and actions to experiment with

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SweepBright allows you to connect with thousands of other apps on Zapier. The following triggers and actions are supported on Zapier

Supported Triggers

  • Create Non-Exclusive Agreement - Triggers when a Non-Exclusive Agreement document is created.

  • Create Property Folder - Triggers when a Property Folder is created

  • Create Property Sheet - Triggers when a Property Sheet is created.

  • Updated Lead - Triggers when a lead is updated.

  • Create Exclusive Agreement - Triggers when an Exclusive Agreement document is created.

  • Create Offer - Triggers when an offer document is created.

  • Create Lease or Purchase Agreement - Triggers when a Lease or Purchase Agreement document is created.

  • New Lead - Triggers when a new lead is created.

  • Interaction Registered for lead - Triggers when a new interaction is added

  • Property Status Changed - Triggers when property status is changed.

  • Feedback Added to Lead - Triggers when feedback is added to a lead.

  • Property Created or Updated - Triggers when a property is created and/or updated

Supported Actions

  • Create Lead -  Creates a new lead in SweepBright

Supported Searches

  • Find Property - Find an existing property in your SweepBright company.

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