SweepBright provides a set of default documents like a property sheet, offer or exclusive agreement (for BE user only). They all look awesome and are designed based on real estate best practices world wide.  However, if you want to replace them by your own documents, you can do this by installing a ZAP between SweepBright and Webmerge.

To set this one up, you will need all of these 3 building blocks

(*) we'll be making a multi-step Zap so a Free Zapier account will not be sufficient

Short explanation of the objective of this walkthrough: 


Trigger Zapier to link a pre-made document with matching SweepBright fields in WebMerge to a request from with SweepBright Documents section.

This is a short explanation video of what we're trying to achieve here:

Before you can start with this ZAP you'll need a document ready into WebMerge with the fields you want to make variable. 

These WebMerge articles can help you do this: 

Got your document ready in Webmerge?

First go to your integrations and de-activate the SweepBright default documents. Do notice you'll need a Zapier account to do this. 

Next, within Document Management, select WebMerge (via Zapier). 

An overview of some pre-configured Zaps are displayed for each type of document you can upload. Click on Use this Zap

This will get you redirected to Zapier and will show you a brief explanation of the Zap you're about to unleash. Read it carefully. Make sure you have an account and prepared contract in WebMerge ready to be merged with SweepBright. 

You can create your own custom design or start from the current templates. Ask our support to send you a template document if you need one.

Click again on Use this Zap.

Follow the walkthrough in Zapier... 

Feeling adventurous? Go for a custom Zap between SweepBright and WebMerge

  • Log in to your Zapier account
  • Create a new Zap and select SweepBright as your trigger app
  • Select one of the available document triggers
  • When you have connected your SweepBright account, you can use a document management app such as Webmerge
  • Choose the desired action for that document management app and  map the SweepBright fields you want to have in your document  

  • When you're done, don't forget to switch on your Zap!
  • To see your document in action, go to a property, select the "legal&docs" section and go to the Documents tab where you can hit the "+Add Documents" button
  • You will see that an icon corresponding to the trigger you selected became available (if you don't see it immediately, refresh your browser)
  • Click on the icon or the arrow
  • You will get an overview screen where you can confirm that you do want to create this document

That's it....your Zap  does the rest. Depending on the document management app you use, your doc will be sent via e-mail, Docusign or any other available delivery option. 

Users registered in Belgium can choose whether they want to use our SweepBright default documents or if they want to create their own documents (via Zapier).

You can always use your preferred transaction management or document management app via one of our integrations (like DotLoop) or by using our Zapier document triggers (see further).

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